Man Like Me (poem)

from by pHoenix Pagliacci



Written on Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 6:06pm.


I realized today I need a man like me,
A man who loves Hip-Hop and R&B
A man who's just fine with chillin for a while,
Doesn't judge cuz his girl's got her own damn style.

A man who can cry and not hide in his sleeves,
A man who can speak what he truly believes
A man who knows just how to make me giggle
Loves the way that I walk, dip, sway and wiggle

I woke up to needing a man like me
When my soul is enslaved, he will set me free
He will write me a song with no paper and pen
If I don't recollect, he'll just tell me again

If I tell him "not now", there's no love lost,
He'll be there when I need him, no matter the cost
We can laugh if we want, we don't need any humor
He'll believe his own girl over any old rumor

When I'm being a bitch, he'll still love me the same
When I make a mistake, he'll correct and not blame
He will tell me I'm beauty, a queen in his eyes
We will always be honest,we'llhave no room for lies

If I ask if he likes it, he'll tell me he doesn't
He'll text me at work and make me wish I wasn't
He'll get mad at me but he'll never react
If he has to step out, I know he'll be right back

We can go out for dinner and movies just 'cause
And do all of the things that a real dream team does
We can go on vacation and never leave town
He'll know just what to do when his girl's feelin down

On the rainiest day, he'll know just what I want
I'll come over and chill, we'll listen to Avant,
Lee Carr, Anthony, Raphael and Mystique
all the things he would say if he could only speak

I realized today that this man hasn't met me
There's no man around who can say that they get me
So until the day that is the day there are no more,
I'll look in the mirror for what I long for.


from Ars Amatoria, released February 14, 2016
Written by Rian Hamilton




pHoenix Pagliacci Toronto, Ontario

An aspiring artist making inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.

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