Last Night (poem)

from by pHoenix Pagliacci



This poem was written on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 1:32am about an ex-boyfriend. The lesson learned was that tears are only a waste if they're wasted. And you can't save them all.


Last night was the last night...

Last night, I reached out to you, to save you
but you jumped before I could grab you
because you couldn't wait

Last night I had every intention of coming back
of being happy
of being with you with you with you with you with you
but you didn't want to hear it

Last night I wanted to talk to you
I was upset but still wanted us
Still wanted to give you me
but you hung up so abruptly

Last night I thought about everything we've been through
about all the pain
all the pleasure
all the rain...
but you didn't want to wait for my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

Last night I tried to wait out the pain
I tried to turn it into peace
but with every text
every call
every stop
I realized I was going the wrong way

And part of me wants to scream
but only on the inside
Part of me wants to be mad
but only until forever

But I refuse to cry
because you let go
I wanted to save you
I wanted you to be safe
I wanted to be safe with you

I wanted you to be out of harm's way, away from the frigid waters that turn you oh so cold, oh so cruel. oh so careless...
but you looked at me, then your watch
because you couldn't wait
you couldn't wait for me.

That's why I couldn't cry.
Not last night.


from Ars Amatoria, released February 14, 2016
Written by Rian Hamilton.




pHoenix Pagliacci Toronto, Ontario

An aspiring artist making inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.

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