As You Sleep (poem)

from by pHoenix Pagliacci



Written July 09, 2009 about a friend who couldn't be more, but it was for the best.


...and as you sleep tonight, just know
My love for you each day does grow
And every time you close your eyes
For your pain I apologize
Whenever you lie down I pray
That in my life you’ll always stay
I’m thankful my wrongs you’ve made right
And appreciate you every night
There will be times when I’m not there
But somehow, know I’ll always care
I can’t afford to lose a friend
I know will be there til the end
And so I cherish you forever
What we have will perish never
As you sleep, this one thing know
I’ll never stop to let you go...


from Ars Amatoria, released February 14, 2016
Written by Rian Hamilton




pHoenix Pagliacci Toronto, Ontario

An aspiring artist making inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.

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